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I am currently a senior in high school with 3 months of school left. The future that has always been so far away in my head is literally coming next fall when I begin going to a university and truly figuring out what I do to be and be and create in the world. It used to scare me. Now I’ve never been more excited in my life. I’m ready to experience it all, new relationships, challenges, and self-discovery. So much of human life is spent trying to figure out what’s next, what makes them happy, and who they want to have around while they’re on the dang journey. I’m starting a new chapter and I can’t wait to have a new looming destination. Something that both scares and excites me.

Right now I’m jamming to tame impala, sitting in bed with an overwhelming need to do. Whatever that means. So I decided to type out a little blog post. So I’ll talk about myself and what’s been going on. On January 31st everything that I have been working so hard towards since high school began and maybe even earlier paid off. I was accepted into my first choice university. Now I have to do is finish this slow crawl towards the end of high school and this new chapter will officially have begun. All that’s left is grad bash and prom. And then of course graduation.  I will actually try to blog more now.


P.S. thanks for reading:)