I think being in high school it’s so easy to get caught up in other people and be influenced by the things around you. Even I’m influenced by other people and it shows in the way I talk. Certain words I use or gestures. But it is so important to me to not just follow along with everything everyone else is doing. And I don’t even think that’s peer pressure. I think it’s just going through the motions and not giving anything thought. If all of your friends dislike someone for whatever reason you might feel inclined to not neccessarily dislike that person but to not be open to liking them. 

The biggest thing I see now is what people see as fun. People think going to parties and smoking weed and drinking must show that your having a great time. But I am having the most fun just chilling at home with my friends watching movies and just talking and being silly. So when I think about smoking or drinking I just think, well what’s the point? And maybe the reason I don’t know is because I’ve never tried it but I’m not so curious to find out because it doesn’t necessarily make people look good either. And I’m pretty vain. I like to look good if I’m being honest. And parties? Maybe they are fun but the only reason I go is so I have a reason to go shopping for a dress and shoes. And my thoughts and opinions of these things shouldn’t affect your thoughts and opinions if you enjoy smoking weed and drinking and partying. Like you do you. But don’t do it for other people or because that’s what is supposed to be fun for people. 

I think I’ve gotten my point across right? Just don’t do things because you think it’s the correct thing to do, do it because it’s something you want to do. Anyways, just a random thought:)