1. What my future career will be
  2. If anyone actually loves me as much as I love them
  3. Why everyone NEEDS attention at all times (me included)
  4. If I’m too prideful 
  5. Why I’m still the biggest procrastinator of this planet
  6. How I feel about college
  7. Boys
  8. Happiness
  9. Loneliness 
  10. My ability to succeed

Just a couple things and it’s something I just want out into the universe. It’s not something I want to explain. I want to put it out and hopefully find answers to this all in time. Although these are things that cross my mind and sometimes stay in my mind longer than I want, I don’t think it’s the kind of pressing issues that I should allow myself to worry about. Nonetheless I still do worry about them. And they probably hold me back from possible peace. But right now I’m just taking baby steps. 

Lately I’ve been trying something new. Even though my parents probably wouldn’t agree with it, even when I know I have a bunch of work and upcoming things pressing down on me, sometimes I need a breather and some time to myself. So what I’ve started doing is just putting all the stress to the side and doing whatever it is that I would rather be doing, whether that’s reading, watching Netflix, or finding new music. There’s days where I just feel like staying up super late into the night, even on a school night, and just doing work and taking that extra time in peace with just myself. Tonight is one of those nights. I have an outline to start that’s due tomorrow and I probably should study for math. But tonight is just gonna be all me. Late into the night, no pressure, no panic, just work, music, and peace.