Last Tuesday I participated in a peanut butter and jelly drive at my school. It was meant to help feed homeless men in a men’s shelter. So I was super excited for this drive because it looked fun and I needed hours and because obviously it would feel good knowing that I helped someone. 

The thing about this drive is that everyone was divided into teams and whichever team made the most sandwiches got the most hours. That was the biggest mistake the teachers running the drive could have done. In my team we had one side that put jelly on bread and the other side put peanut butter. And then at the ends of the table we had kids bagging sandwiches. I was a bagger. The whole thing was fun and my team won. The thing that made me mad about this was that students became way too inconsiderate about the way they made the sandwiches. Here are some of the things that really made me want to pull out my hair and slap someone silly:

•The students started to not even try to fill in the bread pieces comepletely, there would be a circle of spread in the middle of bread and they would decide that that was sufficient enough.

• Next they didn’t even try to put the bread on evenly so the half of the breads would meet and that would be it.

• They were so rough with the bread that they didn’t care if they accidentally stuck a few fingers straight through the bread.

• Lastly a phrase that really got me angry and that I heard way to often during this was “they’ll eat it” as if that was good enough excuse to give someone food in the condition they were in. And it wasn’t even just students who said that. You would think adults would be wise enough to think about the fact that these were people we were feeding. Not just some animals on a street, but actual living and starving people and we can’t even put in the small effort of giving them a decent sandwich. 

I even dismissed someone from helping me bag sandwiches because he literally can over grabbed a sandwich and just smushed it into a bag like it was nothing. I yelled at him to go away and “I got this”. And the dumbest thing he said was “I don’t even think they’re going to eat it anyways”. And this is the part where I shake my head at the people in which I live around. Because the way I have been raised is that you appreciate everything that is given to you. And I have always been aware and conscious that there are people in the world struggling and who need help. It just seems second nature to feel that sympathy for them and want to help. So when I went to this food drive and I saw how uncompassionate and inconsiderate people were being I could not believe it. And I’m still pretty angry about it all. I’ve decided to talk to the teachers running it and ask them to not make it a competition next year because I want to participate but I’m scared I might end up fighting the next person who gives me a messed up sandwich to bag. Please people of the world reading this be aware and sympathetic of the people struggling in the world and don’t be like the people I just described. 


~P.S. There were some people who actually cared but not enough