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I don’t think it’s honestly possible to not like reading. When people say that, I do an immediate eye roll. To me there is no such thing as not liking reading, there is only not liking reading certain books or things. But anyone can find a book that they can enjoy. I just think it’s a big overstatement. The people who say this are people who just don’t read at all or the only books they ever attempted to read were the ones teachers forced us all to read. But for me reading is apart of my lifestyle. I think everyone has something that they can’t mentally live without. For some people it’s a camera if they are into photography, or movies, or something given to them sentimentally, or music, or if they’re like me, books. 

Right now it’s 9:52 at night that I’m typing this out and I feel like doing a book tag because why not? I decided to do the creatures of the night book tag because Halloween is  right around the corner. So here it goes:


My favorite vampire is Mr. Crepsley from the Cirque Du Freak series. That series is one of my childhood favorites. Mr. Crepsley was definitely one of my favorite characters from that series.


My favorite werewolf is Luke from the mortal instruments series. I don’t read many werewolf books and he’s the nicest werewolf I can think of. 


I haven’t read any zombie books. The closest thing to it is the cranks from the maze runner and I hated them so I don’t really have any choice for this one.


My favorite ghosts are the love bad ones from the book all the lovely bad ones by Mary downing Hahn. Her books are super creepy and I love every one that I have read.


My favorite for this is Magnus from the mortal instruments series. Him and Alec were the cutest thing ever and I loved them together.


My favorite fae is in the throne of glass series and their name will not be named for fear of spoiling others. 


My favorite demon is Sophie mercer from the hex hall series. She’s the only demon I know about and I really enjoyed the series. 


My favorite angel is the patch from the hush, hush series. He is actually a fallen angel but it’s close enough.


My favorite alien is Evan from the fifth wave series. He’s the only alien I can think of and he’s a great character even though he’s always sacrificing himself for everyone *eyeroll*

Superpowered Human

For sure my favorite superpowered human is Chubs from the darkest minds trilogy. He is so sarcastic and hilarious. 

So that’s it. This made me realize that I should read more books with more variety in supernatural creatures. Anyways hope you enjoyed:)