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My birthday was back in September and it was one of my favorites. It was the first time in about three years that I had a birthday party. The best part of my birthday party was that my best friend wasn’t able to come at first but two days before the party we were able to convince her mom to drive her down an hour and 40 minutes to my house(biggest shock of my life). The party itself was super fun and I was over the moon. When people first came we decorated mugs with sharpies. Then we played the Oreo challenge where you put an Oreo on your forehead and try to get it into your mouth using only your face muscles. I wasn’t able to do it-.-

After that we played dare pong. That is basically beer pong but instead of beer in the cups we put dares. So we split into two teams and took turns throwing the ball into the other teams cups to get them to have to do a dare. And each persons name was on two cups. Some of the dares was drinking a tablespoon of hot sauce, putting ice in your bra, saying the alphabet backwards, drawing a face on your stomach, chugging a soda, and other stuff that I can’t remember. 

The next challenge we did was absolutely disgusting. So what we did was get a paper plate and put five cherries on it. Then we covered the cherries comepletely with whip cream. Everyone got their own plates and had to try and find all five of their cherries. Honestly it was the grossest thing I’d ever done. Two of my friends decided it would be nice smash a plate of whip cream in my face. Basically there was a lot of cleaning up at this party. 

The last thing we did was a quiz to see who knew me best. I don’t even remember who won but it was funny seeing everyone’s guilty faces when they couldn’t think of an answer for a question as if I would be mad. After that, to finish off the night we watched a movie and continued decorating mugs. 

It was a pretty awesome birthday and I couldn’t have been more happy and grateful for my gifts. My favorites were two posters, one of Robert Downey Jr. (The celebrity I admire the most) and one of Jon Bellion (my favorite music artist). The only thing I ever want on my birthdays is being able to spend time with all the people I love and I was able to do so and that was super cool.