It’s a Friday night and I’m lying on the couch watching YouTube in the dark, with my dog in his bed, and hearing the rain outside all my windows fall. There is so many other things I could be doing right now. I could be watching my schools play. I could go out and watch movies with my friends. I could be doing hw that is due in three days. I could switch out the load of clothes in the washing machine with a new one (I should actually). But right now I’m just enjoying this peaceful evening. And it’s so nice. I haven’t posted anything in such a long time and it’s mainly due to lack of confidence  in my ability but also because I haven’t felt this way in a while. I haven’t felt this sense of peace in a while. I haven’t been comepletely alone (aside from my dad in his room) in the silence and company of my own thoughts in a pretty long time. And it’s not like I’ve been having a horrible time. I’ve been having an equal amount of fun and stress at the same time.

Last Saturday was my school homecoming and I had a ball. And during that whole week was spirit week and I definitely enjoyed planning out my outfits and going to pep rally’s and powder puff games (girl flag football). I also joined environmental club and that was surprisingly fun as well. We go to our schools butterfly garden and plant stuff basically. It’s funny because a lot of us are girls so when there is a bug my teacher dares us to touch it and hold it. This includes a lot of squealing and begging him to get the bug away. I really like my environmental teacher because he is old but he makes a lot of sarcastic jokes and he has a parrot. 

 Here are some pictures from environmental club:

   The stress part of all of this has of course been school. Because the plan has been straight A’s and things aren’t going to plan and that isn’t okay for me right now. I want to hold a report card in my hands that says straight A’s and has my name on it and that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. But thank everything above that I have three more quarters of school to get it. So the plan is still on.

So as a whole things are pretty great. Junior year has been great to me. This is the first school year that I feel like I’ve gotten involved in school and have really enjoyed high school like it should be enjoyed. So I’m going to continue enjoying my night and maybe I can convince my dad to take me to get a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s.


P.s. * an hour later* we went to chick-fil-a and their chicken sandwich was bomb. Loved it.