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Right now I’m laying on my couch, listening to music, and video chatting my best friend. Obie, my dog, is lying rather odd at the end of the couch fast asleep. My crazy dog is lying on his back with his paws in the air and his head turned to the right. 

Right now life’s pretty good not being tortured by school. Today (and all this summer) I’ve been watching movies and videos on YouTube. But not just any movie or video. The main focus has been Robert Downey jr. lately. He’s my favorite actor and his interviews are way cooler to me than other celebrities, mainly because of how he speaks. He uses big and weird words in normal conversation and it throws me off. Maybe I’m just dumb, but who uses the term idiosyncratic disposition in a normal conversation? He makes me have to look stuff up in the dictionary. About an hour ago I decided I’m going to make a list of every word Robert Downey jr has used that has baffled me. 

In other news, my dog is much better now. He’s way easier to manage. He pees way less. My favorite thing about him is when I call for him he runs to pick up his toy then jumps up and looks at me like “hey I’m here, let’s play”. He’s honestly the cutest thing on the planet. The worst thing about him is that play time is all the time. You can pet him and let him chew on your fingers for hours but once you stop he will look at you like your crazy. He’s so conceited. If I’m laying on the couch and doing something on my laptop, he will jump up and lay on the laptop. 

So that’s my update of my day today. I’m still enjoying summer, Obie is cute, and Robert Downey jr. is  really cool.