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In the ninth grade I took AP Human Geography. My teacher was funny but a little rude and a little closed minded and pessimistic. But he said something last year that kind of stuck with me. He said that our parents misguide us when they say that we are special. He said it makes us grow up to be disappointed by the outcome. I don’t completely believe this but it is somewhat true. All my life I have always thought I was going to live well. By well I mean that I think i’m going to have a nice house and enough money to go on expensive vacations and buy whatever I want. But I feel like everyone feels that way. In that same class I took in ninth grade, we watched a video saying that in everyone’s mind they are the main person in the universe and everyone else is side pieces to their life. But if you think about it we are all side pieces in someone else’s story. and not everyone is going to live wealthy.

I might not be that special person that doesn’t struggle with money or I could be. But no matter what I will struggle with something. I think that’s what makes us all not special at all but just completely ordinary and human. One person cannot be anymore human than another. The new saying should be that everyone is ordinary in their own way. Honestly, to me the word special is an excuse for people who aren’t wealthy or famous to describe why someone else might be. For example someone could easily say Beyonce’s famous because she’s special. That’s basically saying her fame had nothing to do with hard work or focus or dedication; If she wasn’t special none of that would matter. I think you can be special in a certain talent, but I don’t think that’s enough to become famous or wealthy. Anyways I still believe i’m going to live well. Maybe not because i’m special but because I will put in the work that it takes to get there.