So a few days ago my dad surprised me with a new dog. I love him. With that being said he is the most frustrating creature ever.

Impatient Person + Dog + Pee= Shoot Myself

Dogs like to pee. A lot. And everywhere. The worst part is that my parents raised me to be a caring person who doesn’t find joy in others pain; so when my dad told me to discipline my puppy with a spanking my heart hurt. In this moment I realized that having a dog is like have a child itself. And I love my dog but I know now that I don’t want kids for a looooong time. For a long long time. Not that I wanted kids that much to begin with but receiving this puppy has turned me off from it even more. And again I love my dog with all my heart, but he is a lot of work. By the way his name is Obie. He’s a dichon frise and so freaking adorable. Anyways he is a lot of work. Never in my life did I think I would have to teach a dog not to pee on my foot. Nor did I think that getting a dog from underneath a bed would be the biggest pain in the entire world. I honestly think I’m too gentle for this job. Another thing I’ve learned from having a dog (in the four days I’ve had him) is that I have a few personal issues:

1) I am definitely not a patient person

2) I’m way too gentle

3) I have too many little things on my floor that could possibly be chewed up and destroyed by a dog

If I ever can’t find a sock all I have to do is let my dog loose and he will find it in a heart beat. Obie is very picky. He doesn’t like to use the bathroom in the backyard. He has to be taken on a proper walk or he will pee all over my carpet. He doesn’t care about treats as much as other dogs. It’s the strangest thing ever to me. He’s never been trained before so he doesn’t respond to snaps or claps or no’s or kissy noises. Last but not least he can’t just walk into or out of the house. I have to walk further in or out for him to go. 

But I love my dog. I named him after Dylan O’brien from teen wolf (one of my favorite tv shows). His full name is O’brien. When he knows he’s in trouble his keeps his head down. He follows me everywhere. He’s scared of cars and bikes and basically any type of vehicle. All I know is that if I come home to another pee stain he’s sleeping outside.