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So I finally found something to do during my break. I started watching friends. It’s been three days I finished the first season and im 6 episodes into the second. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to finally watch it. I was trying to think of who was my favorite character but that’s pretty much impossible. I did, however, figure out my ships. I fully ship:

Rachel and Ross 

Phoebe and Joey 

Chandler and Monica 

I’m just super happy because there are ten seasons so it’s going to be a while before I have to find another TV series to obsess over. It’s hard trying to find a good tv series. When finding a show to watch:

-The drama can’t outweigh the funny or action

-There has to be an attractive character somewhere in there

– I need some type of romance.

– I can’t stand ridiculous drama. Like I’m taking a break from watching the fosters because they have fifteen year olds (who look like 20 year olds) threatening to have their parents deported and kids running away from home to live with their friend in a different state. Each episode I’m like really? These people are freakin drama queens. Anyways you got my point.

– I can’t stand love triangles. I had to stop watching both vampire diaries and reign because the “love” triangles got old.

So those are a couple of things I look for. Right now I’m watching friends, supernatural (the acting  isn’t the best but it’s still pretty entertaining), bates motel (so freaking creepy), and originals. For future references what are some tv shows that you recommend for me? I’m a Netflix junkie:)