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It’s a wondrous thing how we all think. When I see the moon I may feel a completely different thing than someone else. And it’s crazy to think that when I look at the sun I may feel the exact same thing as someone else. What I would give to see the world in someone else’s shoes. 

My ordinary day could be someone else’s dream or someone else’s nightmare. Imagine if we had to live one day in what we believe is a nightmare. Would it change us for the better or worse?

Sometimes I think to myself, the thought of living my own nightmare would be awful; I don’t know what I would do with myself. But what if? What if I did live that nightmare just for a little while? Maybe it would make the life I live now way easier than it seems.  Maybe I would appreciate everything more. 

You see life does crazy things to the brain. It tugs and pinches your mind until it becomes perfect for you to become your true self. When you’re born you have no knowledge of the world or the struggles and miracles life can bring you. The only thing you’re aware of is a cold temperature and a bright light. It’s the experiences that you have and the environment that you live in that gets you to the point you’re at now. It’s those things that make you the person you are. So when I talk to someone I wonder what movie or YouTube video or book or person influenced them to talk the way they do. I wonder what part of them was influenced by their parents genes and what part was all them. It could be something so small that we don’t even realize how much it changes us and how we look at things from then on. It’s perplexing and amazing.

Each time I have moved, I have looked at things with a new perspective. Something new added to me. Maybe a friend I met influenced me to laugh a certain way, or say a certain phrase. Maybe Youtube taught me to be more carefree. Everything we do and know is linked to some foreign source but it all started in that cold and bright place we all started out at. Pretty cool to me. 


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