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When I like something I don’t just like it. I tend to become obsessed with it for months. For example, I listened to Ariana Grande’s album, Yours Truly, for a solid four months before I moved on to other music. I watched and rewatched JacksGap’s YouTube videos for about a month. So I thought I would share with you my worrying amount of addictions.

– Hoodie Allen – He’s a rapper and I shuffle him on spotify every morning.

– Cheezits – This will always be the love of my life.

– Teen Wolf – I watch that show like its a drug. For Christmas, my friends and I each bought each other a Teen Wolf hoodie with our favorite lacrosse team players name on the back. I will be rewatching season four so I will be ready for the release of season five in June.

– The Originals – For some reason I love a great villain. My favorite villain happens to be klaus from this show. He’s that really cool character that no one can beat and he never fails to show them that. Super cool show.

– YouTube – I don’t know if I will ever get over my obsession with YouTube. There’s just so many amazing youtubers out there.

– Hot Chocolate – At the least, I drink hot chocolate once a day. At the most three times. I have a problem. 

– Bates Motel – This is the creepiest show ever but it’s so crazy and interesting you have to keep watching. Every single character is so messed up its freaky. But I love that show even though it scares me.

– Stardoll – I go through phases where I will completely forget about Stardoll and then all of a sudden I have to play it all day everyday. Right now I’m in the play it all day everyday phase.

– Demi Lovato – Forever obsessed with her.

– Sims – Pobably not healthy how much I love this game and always will love it.

– Books – Change my mind. This is the love of my life.

– Cream Cheese – So good.

– Anything Fried – Probably not healthy but you know, who likes being healthy anyways?

– Cheese – Again. Not healthy but it taste good.

– Actors/ Actresses – Specifically Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Downey Jr, Dylan O’Brien, Max Thieriot, Dakota Fanning, and Jennifer Lawrence. Love them all.

So, I have way more addictions but I’ll save that for another time. Now, I’m gonna go read a book. What are some of your addictions?