Let’s talk about something. I feel very passionate about racism and how it affects our society. I hate it so much. Last year in school I learned something that completely changed how I saw everything. It is that race is a man made thing. God or whoever you believe in did not create the racism that separates us all. It means that if racism’s a man made thing then it can be a man destroyed thing. What makes music black or white? What makes the way we speak black or white? It vexes me that when referring to something black means that it is illiterate, stupid, or ghetto. I am black and I am certainly not any of those things. Something that I hope for is that we don’t even see the color of our skin as a strength or a weakness but as what it is, a color. If you are black you are no worse or better than someone white or Spanish or Asian and vice versa. I do my best to listen to all music; pop, r&b, rap, alternative, rock, dubstep, and a tiny bit of country (never metal, it’s too intense for my likings). I make it a point to never stoop to the ridiculous and insulting stereotypes of a black individual. And if someone feels I am inferior because of my skin color then that is an issue they will have to figure out because I refuse to let that make me feel bad about myself ever. I hope that all people will do the same. Don’t let your races stereotypes hold you back from doing extraordinary things. Make it your job to never judge someone by their race and to never feel superior to others because of your race. We are all one in the same. All of us human beings. I love all people.