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This year has definitely been a big change in my view of the world and myself and life itself. My values have changed as well as the type of people I hang around. But this year has changed me for the better. It has been truly amazing. I made a list of things that has made this year so fun:)

1. Percy Jackson finale (sadly ending my favorite childhood book series)
2. All of Rainbow Rowell’s books
3. Ariana Grande, Hoodie Allen, Sam Smith, The Neighbouhood, The Arctic monkeys, Florence, Bastille, And finally Imagine Dragons (spotify has been my savior)
4. Zoella, Hellokaty, Tyler Oakley, Joe Santagato, and Jonah Green (youtubers)
5. Friends
6. Family
7. Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, Originals, New Girl, Sherlock, and the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
8. Netflix
9. Amazon (broke the bank but gave me great deals)
10. My blog!

Thanks for reading:) comment your favorite thing about this year