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I feel as though everyone has a different definition of happiness
and way to find it. The first step in my journey to happiness was fighting off insecurities and achieving confidence in myself and everything I do. Sometimes you have to reflect on what’s really important in life. Why turn your mind over and over about something you can’t control? You can’t control what strangers think of you and how they take in your appearance. I had to take my insecurities and either learn to love them or fix it. So many of us complain about things that we can fix and things we put on ourselves. Insecurities that are not fixable you have to learn to either love it or get over it and embrace it. I can’t say I have completely stopped caring what people think and have no insecurities, but I can say that I have stopped letting it rule over my life. The next step I have taken in my journey is deciding what I value and the type of people I want in my life. Whoever and whatever was not on that list I got rid of or added immediately. The most important thing I did on my way to happiness was find people that I knew for certain I could trust, such as my parents and close friends I felt comfortable saying and doing anything around. And that last step is what helped me the most. I have never been more grateful for the people in my life. My parents have taught me so much and my closest friends have made life so much easier to bear. They keep me grounded and true to myself. There have been so many life lessons that have come to play so early in my days. My next step for happiness is adventure. Life is an adventure and there is no point to living it in any other way. So my definition of happiness is confidence, good values, good relationships, and adventure.